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Want To Rank On Google’s First Page!

by AishwaryaSubramanian
If you are struggling to rank on Google’s first five pages, you must continue reading this entire article to get to know about tips and tricks to optimize using on-page optimization.

Search Engine Optimization has two types

  • On-page Optimization

  • Off- page Optimization

On-page optimization acts as a foundation of all you are responsible for. This plays a crucial role. If you want to rank then you’ll have to start working from your website.
Off-page optimizations is completely not in your control whereas in on-page you have control on the work you are going to do it on your website.
The explanations of what kind of optimization we can do it using on-page is being followed.
Initially, there are certain tags in a website. They are
  • Title Tag

  • Meta Description Tag

  • Header Tag

  • Alt Text Tag

Title Tag

                                            TITLE TAG

These tags would be appear on search engine result page(SERP) and while we hover over a tab to get to see the title appear on the screen. For example, if we hover on a tab with pointer you’ll be able to see a title, that title is said to be title tag.
In the SERP, you’ll be able to first see the title tag followed by the website URL and then comes the Meta description tag with 3 lines. The title tag should be attractive and catchy for the website visitors to read the entire article by giving these types of title. By giving an attractive title you may also increase your Click through rates (CTR).
Click Through Rates is when a user clicks the title of your article to visit your website content. Title should be within 60 characters. The length of the title tag varies according to the device which you are using to check the content. For that, keep your title length with at least 60 characters length to get supported in all kind of devices.

Meta Description Tag

                             META DESCRIPTION TAG

Keywords must be on the Meta description tag. This tag would show the relevance of the content which the website visitors searches in the search Engine like Google, Bing etc.,. it will give them the trust, once they read the meta description to continue reading the entire article further. Relevance is the major factor in meta description tag. Relevance and Trust plays a major role in this kind of tag.

Header Tag

                              HEADER TAG

In a documentation, header tag would have a prominence. Off all h1,h2 and h3 tags, H1 is being more important .if you keep your keyword in your H1 tag, then it would be easy for the website visitors and Google to understand as it have the relevance in your Header tag. Always use your focus keywords in all the header tags.

Alt Text Tag

Likewise, check every time before you upload any image if it has any keyword in Alt Text or not. Adding your focus keyword appropriate to the image is necessary.
We got to know about all the tags. Just do your SEO works carefully while doing the tag works by inserting your focus keywords.



If you have your keyword in your URL, it’s perfect. This is not a big ranking factor. However, have a URL with your primary keywords. Try to have a short URL if possible. For example,
How to do SEO using Long Tail Keywords. Instead of this, you can also write it as
SEO using Long Tail Keywords. This would be a good URL extension. If you have an existing URL, don’t change it again and again. Try to create it better when you do it for the very first time.



What is links? For example, in Wikipedia you could see various links given to move to other pages. They are said to be an internal links.
In our website, we can give link to one article to other article and also it is necessary to give link to one website to another website to have a good ranking from a good blog. It will increase the trust in your website to the website visitors. These kinds of links are said to be an external links.
If you see any websites using links they you need to know they are using on-page optimization techniques to optimize their page.


                                                           GREAT CONTENT

How to create a good content? This is the most asked question on the Google search!
What kind of content are to be given for ranking in a google?
For that, initially you should understand the website visitors expectations on content. Users expectations has to be considered and work it on. Find your targeted audiences and try to write a content according to their opinions. Find content that ranks high. Likewise, if any content did well before, create a content better than that by setting a goal or else create something different which no one has created yet. Try to fill up that gap and stand alone in a crowd, if you want to rank high.

Writing a content

You’ll get confused on the writing length of a content. How much words are to written for an article to reach well. So, the answer for this is,
Write content according to your targeted audiences patience level and expectations. If you are writing an educational and informational post, it can be long for the users to understand the information well to implement and gain a trust in your content.
If you are writing an article for an entertainment purpose, try to make it short and simple as much as possible to engage a greater set of audiences.
For keeping them engaging, create a content as a story with examples and various links to make it more interesting. Keep it simple as if your article is reading by eight grade students. Don’t need any complicated English in your blog for getting attracted by the visitors.
At the end, add Call to Action(CTA), which is very necessary in each and every blog you publish.

Scan Content before they read

People would scan your content before they read the entire article once, whether this would be useful for me or not? If they spend around probably 10 to 20 seconds, the would gain an idea about your article and to decide to study it further or not?
So for that, have a catch description headings for any types of users to understand it easily. Break your content in to a bite sized piece. Don’t create a long paragraph of content. Try to keep it simple and natural by adding bullet points or lists.
Links to be underlined and colored in a different color than the body text.
Try to keep your focus keywords in the first paragraph of your content or within the first 100 words. Keep your researched and refined keywords in a header tag to reach a rank in Google.

Synonyms and Topics around LSI

Don’t try to stuff your keywords in your content just because you need it to stuff. Try to get the synonyms of your keywords and then adjust your content by replacing these synonyms word in to it for not stuffing the keywords. Google will get a signal if you stuff the keywords always.

                                           USE GRAMMARLY

You would have listened this “ make sure you create a quality content”. What is creating a quality content? If you want to optimize you need to create a quality content. For that, checking spellings and grammar plays a major role. If your grammar is not good, website visitors would stop reading your article and it won’t be good to present the article with minor errors. Many of the digital marketers use Grammarly tool to check the sentences and grammar. Try using these kinds of tool if you want to be SEO specialist.



To keep your users engaged in your blog, try giving many links to read the related articles. If you are posting an image check once if you have added your refined keyword in it or not. If not, add your focus related keyword. Add videos in your blog by embedding it.
Whatever way you are promoting your content, it is necessary to promote the content by means of any advertisements or giving links and posting it in your social media platforms.
Page architecture is the real game changer. Though you produce the quality content, if you lack at the UI/UX designs you’ll not be able to rank on Google according to the users visits or your blog. Have really good page architecture to increase your click through rates.

 Performance tracking

                                    PERFORMANCE TRACKING

You can track your performances by Google’s own Analytics and Search Console.
In analytics use can view the overall statics details of the website visitors. By search console you can get to know about the issues you are facing in the development.
If you want to check the SEO, then install yoast plugin and math rank to verify your content.
Page speed is also one of the most important factors. It can be used to speed the page insight.
These are the tips and tricks to write a quality content on Search Engine Optimization(SEO) in On-page Optimization.
To know more about How to write a quality content. Watch this video and get to know it

We are at the conclusion part of this article. If you really enjoy reading my article on writing a quality content using on-page optimization, share it with your friends and do comment the feedback on your views.
I will be sharing of my learnings with you so stay tuned!!!!
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