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Are you ready to join Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP) Without even Spending a single penny in 2021?

by AishwaryaSubramanian

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Content goes here[/author_info] [/author]     If you are the one who is having an idea to join Internship in Digital Marketing or to learn Digital Marketing from the scratch then, the Digital Deepak Internship program is the best place for you to learn from scratch and become a master in it.

I would like to start from the beginning of how did I came to know about this internship program, why did I choose this field of work, what kind of skills you can learn from joining his internship program, would you be able to join a job by joining this 16-week program? I’m writing this article to answer all your questions regarding this program and to clear your confusion by giving you an honest review.

Before that, I would like to introduce myself.

   I’m Aishwarya Subramanian, a passionate Digital Marketer residing in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India. I’m an Engineering Graduate specialized in Computer Science and Engineering with an overall aggregate of 86%.

   I’m one of the top 50 rank holders of the Anna University (2013-2017) batch. I was a software developer who worked with a product-based company in Chennai. However, my interest in Digital Marketing made me pursue a career in Digital Marketing. I came to know about this 16-week program by one of my friends (Digital Marketing Tips) who is also an intern from Batch 5.

   At present, I am doing an intern at Batch 6 in PixelTrack (DDIP). Since I love what I’m doing, I don’t see Digital Marketing as just a job but as my passion.


Digital Deepak

Internship Program Reward Structure (Batch 6)

Guaranteed Earnings for all interns

Week 1- Success Mindset

Week 2- Marketing Fundamentals

Week 3- Discovering your Profitable Niche 2.0

Week 4- Creating your WordPress Blog

Week 5- Becoming the King of Content

Week 6- Social Media and Networking Mastery

Week 7- Lead Generation and Email Marketing

Week 8- Mastering Facebook ads

Week 9-Mastering Google Ads

Week 10- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Week 11- Deep Marketing

Week 12- Sales and Conversions

Bonus week 1- Personal Branding and Dream Job

Bonus week 2- Affiliate Marketing

Bonus week 3- Digital Freelancing

Bonus week 4- Digital Mentoring

Digital Deepak

     Deepak Kanakaraju is usually known as “Digital Deepak” in the industry is a Blogger, Speaker, and Trainer in the Digital Marketing field. He hails from Salem, Tamil Nadu. He is an undergraduate specialized in Civil Engineering. He has more than 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing and is the co-founder of PixelTrack Digital Pvt ltd., He blogs about Digital Marketing at DigitalDeepak.com.

Digital Deepak

The Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP) Reward Structure(Batch 6)

     I’m an intern currently at week 8 of the internship program. He has some protocols for the reward structures to be given to the interns in the name of cashback. The amount you pay in the initial stage would be given back to you when you start working on the assignments that are thought by Deepak sir. After the end of each and every assignment, their team would verify it and return the cashback amount to your account. If you made an error in your assignments, they would mail you regarding the place where you went wrong and gives you time to submit your assignments again in order to gain your cashback. No matter what, they would 100% return your cashback at the end of each and every assignment. Cashback Guaranteed is the key system of DDIP.

    So, if you are the one who is really worried about the return of cashback. You can trust Digital Deepak. He is a man of his words. Trust him, join his internship program, be a master in Digital Marketing.

Week 1- Success Mindset

Week-1 of the Internship program is all about Success Mindset. In this video, he would be teaching us about on

1.    How to think differently?

2.    How to change yourself?

3.    How to create a positive mindset?

4.    What to do for having high standards?

5.    How to dream big?

6.    What are the ethics?

7.    How to be productive?

8.    How to measure your life?

9.    How to take care of our health and diet?

My Review:

In the week 1 assignment, you would write an article about where you would be in 5 years from now. By writing this you would set a goal for yourself and you’ll start working knowing your destination. This week’s assignment would be very helpful for you to understand your goal. By knowing your goal, you can do wonders.

If you take action, there will be a reaction. Take massive action. The more action you take, the more you will move forward. Stop thinking and start acting.

 Week 2- Marketing Fundamentals

The agenda for week 2 are listed here

1.    Ground rules and mindset for all classes

2.    What is the law of marketing?

3.    Why learn and master marketing?

4.    Communication skills

5.    Global economics and marketing

6.    Digital vs Traditional marketing

7.    Direct Response Marketing

8.    The CATT Marketing Funnel

9.    Integrated Digital Marketing

My Review

In the week 2 assignment, you would be writing an article regarding your niche in which you would be able to know how to write an article using medium.com or in your own blog and then you need to publish it. At the end of this week 2, you’ll have a clear knowledge about how to write a perfect article with catchy titles.


Week 3- Discovering your Profitable Niche 2.0

The agenda for week 3 is

1.    The importance of selecting a niche

2.    The island thought experiment

3.    Infinite wealth through specialization

4.    Your life’s task and purpose

5.    The story of Leonardo da vinci

6.    The making of a legend

7.    An idea needs you to manifest

8.    The enemy that needs slaying

9.    Only the misfit has the chance

10.Discovering your unique niche

11.How V.S Ramachandran Found his niche

12.Books to read to find your niche

13.Tools to do a niche research

14.Creating customer avatar

15.Why customer avatar creates the foundation of marketing

16.Be the hero in your niche

17.Achieving mastery in your niche

My Review

The week 3 assignment is all about identifying your customer avatar. To get feedback of yourself you need a create a google form in which you need to ask questions regarding your selected niche to your friends and family. The worksheet has 3 major sections. The three sections are based on the system where we are overlapping our passion, talent, and market opportunity

1.     The first one is to find your passion.

2.     The second one is to find the area that you are talented in, or can develop talent in.

3.     The third one is to understand the market needs along with identifying your customer avatar.

To list the top 3 topics that we have been reading and learning about in the past 3-5 years. These topics will most probably be different from the topics that we are interested in as a kid. The topics might have got a little bit more career-oriented.

To pick one niche and should start research on it to get more clarity

To describe the market positioning.

We would be clear in our niche by week 3 and have a huge clarity about who is our customer avatar by creating a google form.

Week 4-Creating Your WordPress Blog

1.  The importance of having a blog/website

2.  Why you should build your blog/website on WordPress

3.  Choosing the right domain name

4.  The Global Domain name System (DNS)

5.  What are the different DNS servers available?

6.  Choosing a web hosting server

7.  What is a premium DNS?

8.  Gmail with a custom domain name

9.  How to measure a website traffic

10.  Tracking search traffic via Google Search Console

11.  What are WordPress plugins?

12.  WordPress themes and designs

My Review

In week 4, you’ll have your blog too like others. I was enjoying doing this assignment. One of the best assignments ever. You’ll be able to get the entire details of how to create a website, from where you need to buy your domain name (namecheap.com, name.com, godaddy.com) and where to buy your hosting server (Hostinger) is best according to me. Don’t forget to buy SSL to your website. This process is completely optional. It’s up to you. However, buying SSL in the initial process can make your website to look complete.

Week 5- Becoming the content king

1.    The Evolution of Content and Marketing

2.    The power of personal branding in content marketing

3.    Content Inception- what comes before content

4.    Content Incubation- The process of creation

5.    Content manifestation- Giving birth to content

6.    Content Telepathy- Distributing the content and feedback

7.    Content Influence- content that drives results

8.    Overcoming the Resistance- challenges in Creation

9.    Freelance Content Writing

10.SEO in Content Writing

My Review

In week 5, we need to create an overall mindmap for the topic we are going to take a recording of. The mindmap creation is like a flowchart to write an algorithm. This mindmap would give you detailed knowledge of what should be done, how to do it, and when to do it kind of a structure. Once the creation of mindmap, you need to take a video of the content you prepared to shoot a video of. We need to upload our video on our youtube channel as well as our blog/website. Then, we need to attach the URL of the video on the website and the URL of the youtube video in the assignment worksheet for further verification. We need to create Editorial/ Calendar content. Creation of MassTrust BluePrint and Content Empire Blueprint has to be done.


Week 6-  Social Media And Networking Master

The agenda for week 6 are

1.    Talking the road less traveled

2.    The evolution of  social networks

3.    The collapse of social networks

4.    Own your social network

5.    Control your network( and your future)

6.    The hard truth- Take the red pill

7.    Journey to social influence

8.    Nurturing your network

9.    Creating your own ecosystem

10.Building your 1000 true fans

My Review

In week 6, we need to conduct a meeting with at least 3 live participants on Zoom. We can get a free account at Zoom. We need to choose a particular topic, invite attendees, and do a presentation with the content for at least 15 minutes followed by a discussion on the topic you have presented. This week’s assignment would show you’re the power of live interaction with an audience. We need to record the meeting and then upload the meeting on youtube. If we feel uncomfortable making the video public, make it an unlisted video.

We need to create our first tribe on WhatsApp or telegram group or else you can create it on the Facebook group too. Once after the creation of the group we need to add at least 3 members in our group to form our tribe. We can also invite people directly from the webinar into the tribe.

I enjoyed doing this session, as we have to conduct a meeting live with attendees who is gonna watch us with our prepared content.


Week 7- Lead Generation and Email Marketing

The agenda for week 7

1.    What are leads?

2.    What are not leads?

3.    B2B and B2C Lead Generation

4.    Probability theory and statistics

5.    Coin toss results in large numbers

6.    The law of large numbers in nature.

7.    Tools and methods for B2B lead Generation

8.    How B2C lead Generation is different from B2B

9.    Tools for B2C

10.Marketing Automation with Deep Marketing

11.Lead Generation as a freelancer

My Review:

This week is one of the most powerful weeks. It’s because you are going to get a dream job of yours if you are a student/ freshers. You are going to get a client if you are a freelancer. Your dream come true moments would be definitely waiting for you to cherish it.

Using a tool, we need to send some automated emails to the Founders, Co-founders asking for a job opportunity. I did it in the same way. I got some 9-10 calls from the company immediately the next day or send an email to them. The power of yourself is known to you in week 7 of the program. So, don’t miss the chance of joining Digital Deepak’s Internship Program.


Week 8-Mastering Facebook Ads

The agenda for week 8

1.     Why Facebook Ads

2.     Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

3.     Understanding Facebook audiences

4.     Creating your first Facebook Ads

5.     Understand Facebook Pixel.

6.     Custom conversion

7.     High converting Ad copies

8.     Facebook Ad images

9.     Creating Landing pages

10.  Facebook Ads for Affiliate Marketing

11.  Facebook Ads for Digital Freelancing

12.  Facebook ads for Digital Mentoring


My Review

I’m currently yet to start my week 8 video. I’ll update once I started working on it.

Week 9 – Mastering Google Ads

The agenda for week 9

1.    Power of Search

2.    Google Conversion tracking code

3.    Google Ads Targeted Audiences

4.    Types of keywords in Google Ads

5.    Creating a search campaign

6.    Creating a youtube video campaign

7.    Creating display ads

8.    To create google ads

9.    Google ads for affiliate marketing

10.Google ads for Digital marketing and digital mentoring

My Review

I’m in week 8 of this internship program. Once I come to week 9 I’ll update my review here for your references.


Week 10- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The agenda for week 10

1.     Why we need search traffic?

2.     User perspective of a search Engine

3.     How does a search engine work?

4.     How search engine makes money?

5.     The search ecosystem(Platform, business, and users)

6.     Content Marketing

7.     Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

8.     On-page Optimization

9.     Off-page Optimization

10.  Keywords research tool

11.  Offering SEO services as Freelancers


My Review:

I’m in week 8 of this internship program. Once I come to week 10 I’ll update my review here for your references.

Week 11- Deep Marketing

The agenda for week 11

1.    The art and science of getting customers(attention, trust and transaction).

2.    The evolution of the sales process (personalization)

3.    The evolution of marketing ( the birth of scale)

4.    What is deep marketing? (Personalization of sales + Scale of Marketing)

5.    Marketing automation and business automation

6.    Tools for Marketing Automation

7.    The importance of personal branding for deep marketing automation

8.    Deep marketing automation for digital freelancing

9.    Deep marketing automation for digital mentoring

10.Deep marketing automation for affiliate marketing

My Review:

I’m in week 8 of this internship program. Once I come to week 11, I’ll update my review here for your references.

Week 12- Sales and conversion

(I will update the agenda for week 12 after getting sent to me)

Bonus week 1

This bonus week is all about how to do personal branding and get a dream job.

Bonus week 2

This week is all about affiliate marketing and it strategies.

Bonus week 3

For freelancers, this is a great chance for you to improve yourself to get clients through your work.

Bonus week 4

Those who want to be mentors join this internship without giving a second thought. This is going to be a great journey for you to learn how to do Digital Mentoring

Who can join Digital Deepak Internship Program?

Anybody can join, literally

Anyone can join if you are really in hunger to learn digital marketing and to become a master in it. Anyone with an interest in this field of work is most recommendable to join this internship program.

No matter who you are, if you are a student you are most welcome here to join in this 16-week internship program by Digital Deepak. You will be a master in it if you start working practically.

If you are a freelancer, you won’t get a chance like this anywhere. This is once in a blue moon kind of an opportunity available to you. So, don’t miss the chance of getting enrolled in your name.

If you want to join by enrolling your name in Digital Deepak Internship Program.


To get to know more watch this video!



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